From our beginnings as a family business on the streets of New York, to our worldwide growth and international recognition as a cultural icon, Benihana’s success continues to be a result of our relationships with our guests, investors and employees. The links below offer a broad view of Benihana’s past, present and future.


  • Founded by Rocky H. Aoki in 1964, New York City
  • Corporate headquarters located in Miami, Florida
  • President and Chief Executive Officer Steven Shlemon
  • More than 7,400 employees
  • Company owns 64 teppanyaki, 6 Haru restaurants and 27 RA Sushi restaurants
  • Largest operator of teppanyaki restaurants in the country
  • 11 franchises


  • 1964: First Benihana restaurant opens in New York City
  • 1983: Initial public offering
  • 1983-1997: Expanded from 11 restaurants to 47
  • 1995: Completed acquisition of 17 teppanyaki-style restaurants
  • 1997: Completed acquisition of Kyoto and Samurai restaurants
  • 1999: Completed acquisition of Haru Sushi restaurants
  • 2002: Acquisition of RA Sushi restaurants
  • 2007: Opened 100th restaurant owned or franchised by Benihana National Corp.
  • 2012: Acquired by Angelo Gordon and Co. to become a privately held company
  • 2014: Celebrates 50th Anniversary

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What is Benihana?
Benihana is the leading Asian-themed restaurant chain in the world. Our restaurants are a place to meet new friends, celebrate special occasions or just enjoy an entertaining meal. Our highly skilled teppanyaki chefs slice and dice your meal, providing entertainment as you enjoy traditional Japanese cooking using American favorites like steak, chicken, seafood and vegetables. Benihana pioneered the communal dining concept in the early 1960s where up to eight people are seated around a steel hibachi grill waiting anxiously for their personal show to begin. Currently, Benihana holds the record for the longest running dinner show in the world.

Who owns Benihana?
Benihana Inc. was acquired by Angelo Gordon and Co. in 2012. Angelo Gordon and Co. is a privately-held registered investment advisor dedicated to alternative investing.

What is Benihana’s Corporate Vision?
Growth, growth, growth. Benihana has increased its number of restaurants from 20 to 97 since 1995. The acquisition of 17 restaurants from Benihana of Tokyo in 1995, and nine units from Rudy’s Restaurant Group chain in 1997, and acquisition of the HARU (1999) and RA Sushi (2002) brands represents the largest increase in number of restaurants.

Who is Benihana’s CEO?
Steven Shlemon, Benihana’s President and Chief Executive Officer, joined the company in 2014.

How many locations does Benihana have?
To date, Benihana owns 64 teppanyaki restaurants and 11 others domestically and internationally franchises. Additionally, there are 27 RA Sushi restaurants and 6 Haru restaurants.

Where is Benihana headquartered?
Benihana has been based in Miami, Florida since 1980. Its corporate address is 21500 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 900, Aventura, FL 33180.

When was Benihana founded?
Japanese-born Rocky H. Aoki founded Benihana in 1964, with the opening of its first restaurant in Manhattan’s Upper West Side at 61 West 56th St. This restaurant soon became famous with its theatrical chefs and traditional Japanese architecture. The interior structure of the restaurant was a 150-year-old Japanese barn Rocky’s father found in the countryside of Japan.